Sebastian Schloessingk

         THE GRATER

Babies sleep far-sightedly in the
dark, and gulls’ eggs have those bloated specks
first rain puts on green weatherproof. In Essex
-Suffolk country, a highly English sign: ‘Truly Free

Range Eggs’. To study from the side the whole
limpid thick lens front of a baby’s eye behind
which - and not before - they exist, is to take, mind,
nothing from their humanity. When old,

if now they sleep in proper dark, then they’ll
see the better. Two changes will come about,
to hatch the end: body disenchantment; and float
the currency of your identity. Half way

along this journey your hand is led across,
in washing a cheese grater up, the soft little
poke-through blisters of your other. Exotic grill
vouchsafings. First run-in with self-tenderness?