Obstilian.co.uk has been updated again, in June 2016. The first nine texts (on the navigation list) are
new to Obstilian and replace most of those on view since September 2014. The site provides some samples
of Sebastian Schloessingk’s work over the last ten or fifteen years. He’s the editor of Qualm.co.uk, which
he started in 2003. Born in Britain, of German and Irish parents. Early selection published by Piccolo.
Individual publications in, amongst other places, Verse, Oxford Poetry and, more recently, Formafluens,
Dedalus and most often Quadrant. Author of libretto for Magma (or The See-through Wilderness), an
opera by Lamberto Coccioli, first performed in Italy in 1998 (and reviewed over here by The Independent).

    Some opinions of his work. Jamie McKendrick: ‘Schloessingk’s poems all have an instantly recognizable
and original voice. There’s an appealing subtlety and variety of tone to them, and a syntax that mirrors the
twists and turns of a very particular consciousness. They range widely over the material and the material
itself is wide-ranging.’ Terese Svoboda: ‘Really, really loved the potatoes.’ Don Paterson: ‘Poems full of
terrific things.’ Les Murray (on The Draw): ‘Could be a goer.’ Roc Sandford (author of Canal Wood:A Flora
and To Milk A Unicorn): ‘Irresistible, consistent, crafty, chancing the rescue.’

    Obstilian began in 2012.

Sebastian Schloessingk (in Feb 2013)